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happy 2013

Hi everyone. I've not been paying enough attention to this blog space of mine and I'm going to be rethinking it in 2013. Maybe a fresh start? Maybe a break? Hang in there with me and I hope to see you all soon!

In the meantime, you can find my images on Instagram, EyeEm and Flickr! And still contributing over at Mortal Muses and at Me & You 52.



Well, we made it, the end of 2012 and the final monthly post for our self-portrait journey at {In The Picture}. Our optional theme for December was "celebrate". I hope you all found a way to incorporate your holiday celebrations into one of your selfies this month. Here's mine, taken and processed with my iPhone...


I'd love to see you link up this week and share what you've been up to this past month. I'd also like to thank you all for taking this journey with me...your work was inspiring and it was so wonderful to witness your progress as the year went along. Here are a few of your December images from our flickr pool...

1. 48 Of 52 Stop Here On Red, 2. feeling festive, 3. 62-Dec21, 4. "And Now for a Musical Break" (self portrait 42/52)

And I was feeling nostalgic so I couldn't help but take a look back at some more of your incredible work from the past year. This first mosaic below if filled with your images from our "write on" theme...

1. I am good enough!, 2. occupylove, 3. Day 138/365, Selfie 8, 4. just one of those days., 5. you hold, 6. self portrait #10, 7. love, 8. Untitled, 9. Hard Times

And next, from our "shake it out" theme--one of my favorites of the year--you guys really rocked this one!

1. rising to the occasion~, 2. {in the picture}, 3. Rubber Boots and a Red Dress, 4. Shake it out - 5234, 5. this apron makes me feel like danicing, 6. Violin Practice #movement #cameraawesome #selfie, 7. twirl, 8. Dance of the veil, 9. self portrait #16, 10. shake it off , 11. 苹果手机上推特教程, 12. shake it up, 13. I'm gonna shake these thoughts right out of my head, 14. spring flight..., 15. restless, 16. Shake it out

And when you were asked to share your interpretation of "big world, tiny you", here is what you did...

1. interconnected, 2. {in the picture} May - big world tiny you, 3. my place on Earth, 4. self portrait #24, 5. Saturday Afternoon, 6. Taking time to twirl..., 7. In the Picture - Self Portrait Project - Theme 5 Big World, Tiny You, 8. reclaiming peace, 9. 我怎么能在Facebook和推特上发布app - 码客:2021-2-8 · 我怎么能在Facebook和推特上发布app - 我有一个应用程序,并在它的菜单上,我想把“喜欢”和“微博”按钮,但我不知道我是如何做到这一点,而且,它只适用于当用户有Facebook和Twitter应用程序?

I hope you are as proud of your journey through this year as I am! If you'd like to link up one final time before the end of our time together, here are our usual linky rules:
  • Please link back to the permalink for your {In The Picture} blog post or flickr image, not just the general url for your blog or flickr stream.
  • Linked entries must be to a blog post or flickr image of your recent self-portraits, not just any old photo. Your photo does not have to relate to the optional monthly theme, but it does need to be a self-portrait. Links will be moderated and removed if they do not comply with this rule, sorry :)
  • Please do link back here to my blog either through a text link, or with my button found below.
  • And most importantly, be the encouragement you hope to receive. Please try to visit a few of the links from your fellow {In The Picture} participants and leave a nice comment--it only takes a few minutes and you may be inspired by what you see :)
  • The linky will stay open until Thursday, January 3rd. Hope to see you here!
And, as I have mentioned before, I won't be doing this project here 苹果手机上推特教程 again in 2013. BUT, I am going to keep our flickr group going if you'd like to join me there. 

If you are looking for something more, there are also some wonderful self-portrait e-courses going on in 2013, so check out these links if you are interested in continuing your selfie pursuit and want a little more structure and encouragement:
  • You can check out Vivienne McMaster's lovely work here, and sign up for her You Are Your Own Muse course by clicking here.
  • You can find Meredith Winn and Kristin Zecchinelli's fabulous new Now You :: 52 of You e-course here.
OK ladies, once again, THANK YOU. You kept me going this year more than you probably know. Each and every one of you is a beautiful spirit and I and so honored that you joined me at {In The Picture} in 2012.  I hope you learned to love yourself in front of the lens and that you reached your project goals, however big or small. A happy, healthy and creative 2013 to all of you and I hope to see you on flickr and instagram (I am urbanmuser).

<div align="center"><a href="http://y2plrx.wcbzw.com/p/in-picture.html" title="In The Picture"><img src="http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac306/gibknitty/inthepicture.jpg" alt="In The Picture" style="border:none;"


{in the picture} time to celebrate!

OK, it's the first Friday of the month so it's time for our self-portrait theme announcement. But it's also the last month of the year and we are nearing the end of our journey together. I can't believe it was a year ago that I had this idea in my head to host a one year self-portrait community project here on my blog. At the time, I was on the verge of completing my first 52 weeks of selfies from 2011. I knew I wanted to continue in 2012 but I also knew that I was going to need a little help and inspiration to pull it off.

All of you--whether you participated here with one self-portrait or 50--provided that inspiration to me and more this past year. Just knowing that you were out there kept me shooting during those times when I just wanted to give up, so thank you.

So to recognize the final leg of our 2012 {In The Picture} project (and the holiday season) I think our theme this month should be "Celebrate"!

Do a twirl, jump for joy, raise your glass, pose in your favorite holiday outfit, deck yourself instead of decking the halls, or have a quiet moment to yourself and think back upon the year. I hope you'll feel that you took a step forward with your photography, and more importantly, how you see yourself. Most of you started this journey quite frightened by the idea of stepping in front of the camera. I hope you are as pleased and proud as I am of the progress you made.

Have a great month, and I'll see you back here on December 28 for our final linky party! As I hinted the other day, I've decided to end the project here on the blog at the end of this year but I plan to keep our flickr group going with monthly themes in 2013 so I hope you will join me there. I'm also going to share some links to some other self-portrait projects and classes that are happening in 2013 so stay tuned!

P.S. Speaking of celebration, I'm celebrating silence over at Mortal Muses today. Please do pop by and say hello :)

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